How to Make Money on the Road

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Whether backpacking across the world, flying from tourist spot to tourist spot, driving from coast to coast or traveling full time in your RV, you will somehow need to finance this adventure. It is very possible to convert your life from “living to work” to a “living to travel” lifestyle and start traveling full time while working part time. This post is a continuation of my previous post “Full Time Living or Bust!” – Step 2: How to Make Money on the Road.

Last year, I started what I thought would be a long term traveling adventure, but I quickly found out that I would need to have a way to make money while traveling or I would return home broke. Well, I did return home but not quite broke. I needed to re-evaluate my situation and figure out how I would earn an income while traveling. I didn’t like the idea of working for 3 months then traveling for a month then back to work for 3 months, so I needed a plan. I wanted to be able to make money while traveling but I needed to do something that allowed me to work while moving about the country or becoming Location Independent.

My Super-Huge Make Money on the Road Job List!!

You would be surprised just how many options we have for working on the road or working at home for that matter. If you are planning to take up this exciting lifestyle now or in the future, please use some ideas from this list to start building multiple streams of income. Don’t settle on one job, one skill, one craft. You need to diversify and give yourself options in case one opportunity dries up.

Below you will see my “ways to make money on the road” list with brief descriptions.

  • Job Name
  • Job Type
  • Skill Rating – Ranges from * (easy jobs) to **** (complex jobs)
  • Avg Pay – Ranges from $ (low pay) to $$$$ (high pay)
  • Avg Hours Worked Weekly

The chart below lists a number of work possibilities. I have broken the list down into “Job Types” so that if you feel stronger with technology then look over the “Digital Entrepreneur” section, but if you are good with your hands then the “RV Services” section may be best for you. Don’t rely on one form of income. Try to give yourself a few different options for making money.

My Super-Huge Make Money on the Road Job List!: Leave comments below if I missed anything and help me built a complete job list for full time rvers.

Job NameJob TypeSkill RatingAvg. PayHrs/Weekly
BloggingDigital Entrepreneur**$$20
Affiliate MarketingDigital Entrepreneur***$$20
Day TradingDigital Entrepreneur****$$$30
Website DesignDigital Entrepreneur***$$$30
Graphic DesignDigital Entrepreneur**$$20
Write eBooksDigital Entrepreneur**$10
Create AppsDigital Entrepreneur***$$20
Software DesignDigital Entrepreneur****$$$30
Social Media ExpertDigital Entrepreneur**$$40
Content WriterDigital Entrepreneur**$$35
Internet MarketingDigital Entrepreneur***$$20
Website FlippingDigital Entrepreneur***$$20
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Digital Entrepreneur***$$$30
Telecommuting/Work RemotelyGet A Job*$$$40
Freelance WorkGet A Job*$$25
Elance/Odesk/FiverGet A Job*$$30
WorkampingLocation Based*$20
Property CaretakerLocation Based**$20
Fruit PickingLocation Based**$20
WwoofingLocation Based**$20
House SittingLocation Based*$30
Travel WritingLocation Based**$$25
VolunteeringLocation Based**020
Summer Camp WorkerLocation Based**$$30
Tour GuideLocation Based**$$30
Campground HostLocation Based**$$25
Amazon Holiday JobLocation Based**$$35
CraftsmanRV Services***$$25
PainterRV Services***$$25
HandymanRV Services***$$25
MasseuseRV Services**$$30
Solar ExpertRV Services***$10
PC RepairsRV Services**$$20
Internet ExpertRV Services**$$20
RV House CleaningRV Services*$$30
Satellite/TV ExpertRV Services**$$20
Engine MechanicRV Services***$$$25
Sell Goods OnlineSell Your Stuff*$20
Sell Arts/CraftsSell Your Stuff*$20
PhotographerSell Your Stuff**$20
BuskingSell Your Stuff**$25
AntiquingSell Your Stuff*$20
Teach a LanguageTeach a Skill**$20
Teach a Musical InstrumentTeach a Skill**$20
Teach Computer SkillsTeach a Skill**$20
Teach Fitness (Trainer)Teach a Skill**$20
Teach YogaTeach a Skill**$20
Teach CookingTeach a Skill**$20
Teach RV MaintenanceTeach a Skill**$20
Teach RV UpgradesTeach a Skill**$20
Teach Arts/Crafts/PaintingTeach a Skill**$20

In the coming weeks, I will be adding more to this list as I come up with more ideas and I will be expanding on many of these job opportunities in future posts.

Let me know what you think below in the comments and let me know if I missed anything

Sharing is Super Cool!!

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6 Responses to How to Make Money on the Road

  1. James April 26, 2013 at 7:17 AM #

    Great list. I want to someday be able to travel this way but making money would surely be an issue. I’m not great with computers and your digital jobs are a bit out of my league but I am good with my hands. Carpentry and auto work has been my strong suit. Question: how would I make money while traveling? Nice site. James

    • Traveling Troy April 27, 2013 at 5:46 AM #

      Hi James. It’s true, having good computer skills would make work easier on the road but you have a very good skill set as well with the carpentry and auto mechanic skills. Not only will these skills help you save money on your own rig but you could help others and make money while you’re at it. Now, you wouldn’t get much work while boondocking out in the middle of the forest but if you’re traveling around tourist areas or stayed in RV parks, you could get some work. I would think your kind of work would require an outgoing personality because you would need to meet people and network and pass out business cards to get the word out. You could also start a blog about your travels and include a page or two on what you can do for other RVers with pictures and videos. This would give prospective clients some insight into your work and give them an idea of where you will be so they can meet up with you. Good luck James. Let us know how it goes for you.

  2. Kent M April 27, 2013 at 11:51 AM #

    Being a website designer or software developer would be ideal for this kind of lifestyle. You should really look into these. Or you could start an on the road computer repair biz since that is your background. I look forward to seeing what you come up with on the road. Good Luck!

  3. Traveling Troy April 28, 2013 at 4:08 PM #

    Kent, I wish I would have paid more attention to software development as I too think that would be a perfect freelance job for the RV living lifestyle. I could do computer repairs from the road, but after 15 years, I want to move on from computer repairs. I am currently working website and SEO type freelance work and I hope to build on that as I prepare to start my adventure a bit down the road. Thanks for your comments Kent.

  4. Lisa April 29, 2013 at 1:51 PM #

    Troy, have you thought about adding a job section on finding part-time jobs near your travel location? Let’s say you plan to stay in Arizona for a month or two, what about getting a part-time job as a park guide, bar help, waiter or something similar? This would get you out of the RV and allow you to mingle with others. Still do the internet thing, but take a break sometimes with REAL work. LOL! Back-breaking work!

  5. Traveling Troy April 30, 2013 at 6:43 AM #

    Yuck! Physical work? Ha! That is a good idea, Lisa. I am finishing up a project here at the end of April, but I plan to revise, edit and add on to this on the road job list very soon. All joking aside, I wouldn’t mind doing some tough work from time to time just to break up the daily laptop work.

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