PPL Motorhomes – RV Consignments with No Hassle

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Saturday was a fun day. I just felt like getting out and checking on some RVs. I went over to PPL Motorhomes, here in Houston, Texas, which is an RV consignment super store and walked their huge lot. Now, I call it fun because I was looking at RVs, but on the downside, it was 90 degrees. Yes, it was a hot day.

RV Consignments – A Good Research Resource!

The largest motorhome consignment place I know of in the Houston area and really anywhere is PPL Motorhomes. I have been there many times and I do not endorse them as sellers, but I really like their laid back attitude. I went to one of the Camping World locations here in Houston a few months ago and they wanted all my info, phone number email and asked tons of questions. They even loaded me in a golf cart and took me to the RVs they thought were best for me. Ok, that is cool, but all the RVs were locked up so you had to have a sales person with you. No thanks! The sales guy asked me more personal questions than my last date.

If you live in a city with a major highway, then you probably have many choices of RV dealers and consignment locations. I live in Houston, the 4th largest city in the US so we have plenty of freeways and highways but Houston isn’t much of an RV destination.

So, back to PPL. I arrived at PPL Motorhomes, walked in the front entrance, spoke with the lady at the desk, signed in and I was given a map and list of Motorhomes. Easy, no hassle and I was off to explore the lot with no pesky salesman. Nice! Below is a look at their lot. I’m not sure how old this is as there are many, many class A’s in the picture.

PPL Motorhomes - RV Consignments

PPL Motorhomes – RV Consignments – Click to Enlarge (Photo Credit – PPL Motorhomes)

As you enter the RV area, the first thing that catches your would probably be the long row of huge Class A RVs. Those bad boys are way out of my league but what the heck. Let’s start the day inside a big fella, and then we’ll move on to the smaller, more versatile Class B RVs.

Video: Me in a Class A, then a Dodge Xplorer

This Dodge Xplorer was close to the type of RV I am looking for, but I’m hoping to find one with a better floor plan than the one above.

The next Class B RV I came across was an Airstream 190 which I was very impressed with and really liked the floor plan. After exploring the interior of the Airstream, I am now a fan and will move them up on my list. After the Airstream, I had to step inside this newer Pleasure-Way Excel, just to see what it would be like in a luxury Class B.

Video: The Airstream 190 & a really nice Pleasure-Way Excel

They have the lot fairly packed and there aren’t many Class B RVs, so you really have to search among all the giants to find what I believe could be the real gems. I next found a ’97 Xplorer and a ’97 Roadtrek.

Video: 1997 Dodge Xplorer & a 1997 Roadtrek

Well, it didn’t take long to see their entire Class B inventory. I wish they had a LOT more. The rest of my time was spent looking at things I can’t afford, like the two RVs in this next video.

Video: Freedom II – Leisure Travel Van & Winnebago View

Well, that was about it for my day but let me end with showing you a cool tear drop travel trailer and a $200,000 RV in this next video.

Video: TAB (Tear Drop RV) and a $200,000 Class A Motorhome

That was a fun day at PPL Motorhomes, but the search continues. I’m in no huge rush, so hopefully my patience will help me find the perfect RV for me while I continue to build my knowledge on how to make money on the road.

Update: June 12, 2013 – PPL Consignement Sales Process Video:

After getting a few comments, we were wondering about the PPL buying/selling process and how they go about getting an RV out of the line of RVs when you want to test one out. Well, I found the video below which gives a great overall view of the company and some insight on the buying and selling process.

Leave comments below about your experience with PPL or an RV consignment place near you.

Sharing is Super Cool!!

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5 Responses to PPL Motorhomes – RV Consignments with No Hassle

  1. Kent June 3, 2013 at 4:40 PM #

    Super videos Troy. Looks like you had fun out there in the heat with all those lovely homes on wheels. Hey, I have a question. How do they work test drives? It seems way to crowded in there to get one of those RVs out.

    • Traveling Troy June 4, 2013 at 6:01 AM #

      Excellent question Kent. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer as I have just been in there to learn more about the interiors and figuring out what type of RV is the right fit for me. Starting one up and moving it could be a challenge.

      PPL Motorhomes does have a Twitter and a Facebook account so maybe I’ll shoot your question over to them and see what they have to say.

  2. TexCyn June 11, 2013 at 11:44 PM #

    They move the RV’s around constantly at PPL. I’ve even been touring in them & a driver just jumps in & says, I have to move this. Sit down, you’re going for a little ride! Of course, that’s just moving about on the lot. They will get a driver to move the RV out for you for a test drive & a salesperson will go with you.
    It’s like watching dominos seeing them move these things about. Except they don’t fall down 😉

    • Traveling Troy June 12, 2013 at 6:35 AM #

      Hi TexCyn and thanks for giving us some insight on your experience over at PPL. I have rarely seen them being moved around but I have seen employees walking around the lot. I was probably too mentally involved with examining RVs to notice. Ha!! Thanks for stopping by, I will check out your blog.

      • Traveling Troy June 12, 2013 at 3:26 PM #

        I just added a new video by PPL which explains their sales process and their commission. Good info.

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