Which Used Class B Motorhomes Should I Consider?

Which Used Class B Motorhomes Should I Consider?

In my previous Full Time RV Living post, I mentioned the different types of RVs, some of the pros and cons, and that I preferred the used class B motorhomes over all the others. Today, I would like to go over some of the mini motorhomes that I have been researching as possible future traveling homes, explain why I like them, and then see if I can get some of your opinions on which small rvs you think are better and why.

My Top Choices of Used Class B Motorhomes

First, let me explain what a class B motorhome is for those of you who may be unsure. A class B motorhome is typically an extended van that has been converted into a home with kitchen, sleeping, sitting and sometimes restroom areas. Class B’s are normally 17-21 feet long, so you don’t have a whole lot of room to work with, but their size makes them much more nimble than the Class C’s and Class A’s. The Roadtrek below is an example of one of the more popular brands of Class B RVs.

Roadtrek - Used Class B Motorhomes
Roadtrek – Class B RV – credit: Craigslist

Living in a mini rv, like the Class B, might be fine for a single guy like me but I don’t know how long I would last in tight quarters with two adults, kids and the family dog or cat. That may be a bit cramped. For me, this will be my first RV purchase and I have chosen to go with the smaller used RV as a test run, though this test may last a few years. You can find a decent used Class B RV for sale anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000 or much higher but I think I will stick with the lower priced, older RV for my first purchase.

After looking over many different options and picking out the best floor plans to accommodate me and possible guests, I have selected the following motorhomes to go to the front of my list of possible purchases:

  • Roadtrek
  • Airstream
  • Dodge Xplorer
  • Volkswagon Westfalia
  • Falcon
  • Coachmen

At the time of this writing, I am leaning more towards the Dodge Xplorer and the Falcon conversion. Both are typically fully self-contained with sleeping for 2-4, and include kitchen, bathroom, propane system and many other features.

The Dodge Xplorer

I first came across this brand/model while looking around YouTube for videos of the interiors of used Class B motorhomes. Pictures on Craigslist are cool but it’s so much better getting a video tour to help you determine if that type of RV is right for you. Below is a video from Chris Penn’s YouTube channel which features over 800 videos of Chris and his Xplorer RV with current videos of his trip from Arizona to Alaska.

From following Chris and researching the Dodge Xplorer elsewhere, I have come up with the following list of pros and cons to help me decide whether this is my future vehicle or not.

Pros — Late 80’s-Early 90’s Dodge Xplorer

  • Cool dedicated bedroom in the back
  • Enclosed toilet/shower – guest privacy
  • Dependable Engines
  • Couch or Dinette options
  • Run AC Unit when hooked into power
  • Recessed floor to allow me to stand up straight
  • Lots of roof space for possible Solar setup
  • Swivel Capt’s Chairs
  • Fairly good stealth appearance
  • Sleeps 2-3
  • Lots of storage (cabinets, trunk, side compartment)
  • Good deals to be had under $10k

Cons — Late 80’s-Early 90’s Dodge Xplorer

  • Older vehicles
  • Gas engines Avg 10-15 mpg, but not bad
  • Heavy – possibility of getting stuck or having problems with hills

If I were to buy a Dodge Xplorer today:
The Xplorer below is going for $5800 and appears to be the best deal available on both Craigslist and eBay Motors:

Dodge Xplorer - Used Class B Motorhome
Dodge Xplorer – credit: Craigslist

The Intervec Falcon Conversion RV

I think one of the best ways to learn more about an RV is to find others who have owned the model of RV you are interested in and see what they think to get first hand experience. For “The Falcon”, I’m following the wise blog of Glenn (ToSimplify.net) where he detailed his travels in a Ford Falcon for around 2 years. His blog follows along with the cool things about the Falcon, the not so cool things and explains what he did to make the experience in the Falcon better. Take a look at Glenn and his Falcon below:

Ford Falcon - Used Class B Motorhome
Glenn – Ford Falcon – credit: Tosimplify.net

These RV’s are normally built on the Ford, Chevy or Dodge chassis and come in 17′ or 19′ lengths. Take a look at the video below, as this guy gives a good tour of what the inside of a Falcon RV looks like.

Pros — Intervec Falcon Conversion mid-80’s-mid-90’s:

  • Couch or Dinette converts to bed
  • Over cab area for guest sleeping or extra storage
  • Toilet/shower in the back (Usually with door/curtain)
  • Run AC Unit when hooked into power
  • Swivel Capt’s Chairs
  • Sleeps 2-4
  • Good storage
  • Good deals to be had under $10k
  • Small enough for regular parking spaces

Cons — Intervec Falcon Conversion mid-80’s-mid-90’s:

  • Older vehicles
  • Gas engines Avg 10-14 mpg, but not bad
  • Heavy – possibility of getting stuck or having problems with hills
  • Doesn’t blend in as well for stealth
  • AC Unit on roof takes up a lot of possible Solar panel space

If I were to buy an Intervec Falcon today:
I found this 1988 Ford Falcon that looks pretty cool with the Blue and White color scheme with only 63,000 miles, listed in Vegas for $8900. This one would be worth it to check out.

Ford Falcon Used Class B Motorhome
Ford Falcon RV – credit: Craigslist


Like I said above, I am currently (Mid-May) leaning towards the Dodge Xplorer and the Falcon although I will continue to research other used Class B motorhomes like the VW Vanagon/Westfalia, Coachmen, Airstream and the Roadtrek. I read everything I can find on these Class B RVs and I’m always watching on Craigslist, eBay and other places for good deals.

Which Class B RV do you like the best? Let me know in the comments.

15 Responses to Which Used Class B Motorhomes Should I Consider?

  1. I have to agree, that blue and white falcon is slick looking. Is it still available? You should scoop it up, or is the inside bad?

  2. Oh, and the Roadtrek you have pictured is the best looking from the outside. That’s a nice ride, but the Xplorer seems to be a fantastic deal. I just looked for them on CL and they are still available. Buy one so I can follow along with your progress, since I can’t do this right now. :(

  3. Hey there Kent, welcome back. Yes the Roadtrek does look great from the outside, but I’m not a huge fan of their interiors and they seem to hold their value well which makes them more expensive.

    If I were prepared to buy today, I would probably be emailing with the owners of the Xplorer and the Falcon to get more info. They are pretty cool looking.

    Here in Houston, we have an RV consignment place that allows you to go through freely, after signing in, and view their entire inventory without any hassle. It’s a great way to get to know the RVs. PPL Motorhomes.

  4. Troy – I like this post. Great tips on ways to learn more about you purchase before actually committing to a meetup with a seller. I especially like the idea of finding others online with similar rvs.

    I personally like the roadtrek you are showing. It just looks nicer and newer to me, but you get what you pay for. In this case, newer.

    Great site Troy, keep it up.

    • Hi Lizzy! Thanks for the compliment. Finding someone else online with close to the same RV as what you are looking for is a great way to learn the ins and outs, the good and bad of the RV, before you have to deal with it. So, finding a blog, YouTube channel or forum with discussions on the topic is very helpful.

      It appears people really like the Roadtrek. Ha!!

  5. What year is that roadtrek? It looks to be in great shape on the outside. I need to check out the interior of one of those. They look nice.


    • I can’t seem to find the CL Ad now for this Trek, so it must have sold but I believe that is a mid-90’s model and yes it does look pretty sharp. Personally, I’m just not a big fan of the bench style seats in the back. But that’s jut me. :)

  6. Have you looked at a Chinook? I really like those, but you won’t be getting your bed in the back with one of those. They hold resale value well. It amazes me what they can pack into a ClassB! Since you are tall, go with what really feels the most comfortable for you. I don’t think having to constantly crouch down here & there would end up making anyone very happy. Good luck!

    • Yes, I definitely have the Chinook on my radar and I love what Glenn did to his Chinook over at ToSimplify.net (turned dinette into an office area) but since they hold their value so well, I am finding them a little expensive for my first RV. I plan to full-time for many years, so this first RV will not be my last and I want to use it to help me determine what I need/require in my RV life.

      Thanks for the suggestion, TexCyn.

  7. Definitely Dodge Xplorer! I truly admire folks who remain faithful to it and wind up with wonderful rigs regardless of the possibility that at an extraordinary expense. Others appear to hop into an aggregate restoration project without taking a seat first and checking the expense.

  8. Troy,
    I think either of the larger conversion vans are great options but the price is a bit high for what you get. They also lack stealth options. I like the mid 90s Toyota / Honda minivan offerings. I know size is the sacrifice but reliability will be pinnacle in a japan produced minivan. Have you looked into your own conversion?

  9. I also vote for the Dodge Xplorer. They are extremely well built, and Xplorer basically pioneered the entire concept of Class B motorhomes. I recently purchased a 98 Dodge Xplorer. It’s actually lengthened and widened with a fibreglass body and has dual wheels. It’s as close to a Class C as you’ll get with a Class B. Dodge Ram vans are excellent workhorses and I’ve owned over 6 of them in my time. There’s a reason they used the same van design from 1971 all the way to 2003…because if it ain’t broke…you know the saying. Also you have 32 years of parts to get from. I could take a door off a ’71 Dodge van and it will fit perfectly on my ’98. Now that is just awesome.

    Get the Xplorer…you won’t regret it.

    • Thanks for the comment Justin. I’m actually still in the market for a Class B RV or Mini-RV, so thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience. I hope to come to a decision and get something this summer.

  10. Troy,
    Keep looking until you find a rig that whispers your name. When you find the right one and it has everything you want, your heart will start beating faster and faster and if you get real quiet and listen, you will hear her whisper “Oh Troy”. That is how you are going to know that you are getting the right one.

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